When Simply Spruce was first taking shape, I questioned myself constantly. What made me qualified to start this company? How could I offer solutions to people when my year’s total waste didn’t fit in a mason jar? When I wasn’t vegan? When my clothing contained plastic? I wasn’t a perfect zero-waster. And I felt really insecure about it.

So I started to critically evaluate my everyday choices. I began carrying a steel lunch box and utensils with me, washed my hair with shampoo bars, and stopped eating meat. Some changes and adjustments came more easily than others. But that insecurity, that need to attain “perfect” habits, remained. If I didn't have my reusable bottle with me, would it be heinous for me to buy a bottle of water? What if I loved a pair of pants at the store but found out they were made of polyester? Should I return them promptly to the rack?

Every internal battle ended with a stressful default to the zero-waste choice. I figured I couldn’t talk the talk unless I was walking the walk. And then I came across a quote: "We don't need a handful of people doing zero-waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly." 

What made me qualified to start this company? It turns out the answer wasn’t a harsh self-transformation into the poster child for zero-waste. I’m qualified because I’m deeply committed to being better. And I’m committed to sharing that spirit and that effort with the many other folks in the world who feel the same way.

My total waste for the year still doesn’t fit a mason jar, but it’s been drastically reduced. Going vegan didn’t work for me, but I do partake in Meatless Mondays. And some of my clothing still contains plastic, but my wardrobe is mostly made up of second-hand items.

We don't all share the same journey. Our paths look and feel different. But we are united in a common goal. We’re on our way to preserving our planet. At Simply Spruce, our products aren’t all perfect. Some contain plastic, others require a bit of getting used to. We’re committed to providing different options that work for you and the unique journey you’re on. Options that will ultimately help us all be better.

Thanks so much for reading.


Jeff Wong, Founder of Simply Spruce